English Language Arts


Seventh grade English Language Arts will focus on developing students’ skills in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Throughout this school year, students will read multiple forms of text, including novels, non­fiction articles, informative passages, short stories, and poems.   Students will read both in and out of class, and they will engage in a variety of written and spoken assignments. The course will feature both independent and cooperative work, designed to deepen student’s mastery of language skills. Throughout the year, students will develop their skills in argumentative, expository, and narrative writing, and they will develop skills for comprehension and analysis of complex texts.


Each unit of the school year will focus on building different critical skills, and will feature a different primary text. These include novels, expository articles, short stories and poems.



5 weeks Plot Structures and Clarifying Meaning The Giver, Louis Lowry
5 weeks Characters – Living Many Lives Selected Short Stories
4 weeks Innovations in America Expository Articles/Short Biographies
5 weeks Point of View: What Are You Talking About? Red Scarf Girl, Ji-Li Jiang
4 weeks Change CASA: Expository Texts and Articles
3 weeks Becoming a Lifelong Learner CASA: Expository Texts and Articles
4 weeks Literary Criticism – My Point of View The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, John Boyne
4 weeks Poetry and Prose Selected Poems